Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So this is it?

I'm 38 years old, divorced....and have one child.  Thank god (HA HA...my 'HA HA' refers to what you would call an oxymoron, but we'll get to that later)  I have one child, it's hard to raise children, especially the Me Want Now generation in this economy.  That's me and my son.  He's cute isn't he?  Yeah yeah yeah, I know what you are going to say...."I hope his dad has blond hair." or "Does his dad have blond hair?"  I hear this all the time.  My answer?  Nope.  His dad is black.  I don't know what happened...oops.  
I don't care what people say.  Or what I say to people for all that matter.  I am me. and I love me.  If you don't like me, then you have a huge problem because I'm a lot of fun.  I am a great person to get to know. I am also a great person you would love to hate.  :)
I am jobless and educated.  I need to make money, but what I'm good at, is making a man feel secure and happy.  Cleaning, cooking, managing the house.  You could say I'm a displaced housewife.  But this day and age a displaced housewife gets you nowhere and nowhere fast.  I do keep in shape, love to work out. But see, I'm stuck.  Stuck in a tiny city in the middle of the country.  I have been told I don't belong here.  Which kind of hurts, because I'm here.  If not where?  Where do I belong?  I get along better with those from other cities...other countries.  That tells me something.   It tells me I don't belong here.
So this is about me and my son belonging.  Trying to fit in.  
Perhaps I should tell you my story and how we both got to this point.   It's a sad story and at the end of this sad story, you would say what most people say..."What a prick!"

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